Reviewed – Noelle Vanyi – My Downfall.

Rating – 4/5

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The Spanish music industry is known for its contempary involvement in the modern scene and progressive thinking from the industry is a distance approach. So when a young artist arrives and steps up with a vision and sound that is very much out the side the box of her national peers, there is only one cause of action to take when presented with the music, pay attention to it. “My Downfall” is the debut single from Barcelona born singer Noelle Vanyi, an upbeat energetic track full of lyrical expression that is refreshing to hear and creative in every way.

The track takes a blend of pop, country and 80’s new wave and combined with Noelle’s honest and genuine lyrics, it makes more a captivating listen. The track contrasts so well as easy listening material and as an artistic outlet to study, the upbeat groove and light twangy guitar playing fit the criteria so well for a song that would suit a road-trip on a sunny day with the windows down. The high tempo of the track, over Noelle’s open letter style lyrical content, is a juxtaposition that only a true artist knows how to craft. The vocal talent of Noelle is also excellent, the variety of techniques used and the vocal range heard on this track show the Barcelona artist holds true talent, and if in future releases she continues with performances that are as strong on “My Downfall” Noelle is assured to see success with her work.

However, the track does lack a full band atmosphere due to the squeaky clean production. A real acoustic drum kit would give more life to the track and add more raw energy and drive in the song. However as time goes on and her music develops, it is no doubt Noelle will perfect her studio sound to replicate her live performance.

“My Downfall” is an excellent introduction to an artist who is full of talent and who has a lot to say, Noelle, expresses her honest and genuine self through music and has started 2020 full great momentum.

Review by Rob Kent

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