Reviewed – Estate – Skyscraper.

Rating – 3/5

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A debut single, can be tough, choosing the best song you have of the few you have written to introduce yourself to the world. Estate have assesd their material well and greeted us with a great debut single, showcasing the potential they have and the talent that lies within the four piece.

The haunting intro is a fine way to begin the track, the creeping guitar lines add fantastic presence, leaving a daunting atmosphere and the perfect space for the track to grow. We are then hit with a almost narrated vocal introduction, the unique vocal sound and approach is very refreshing to hear and adds a nice walking pace to the track and transitions nicely in to the layered and texture filled chorus. Although the chorus does come a little too early in the track, it feels as if a verse is missing between the intro and chorus sections. That being said, the chorus is strong and full of life, the harmonies are blended together very nicely and the juxtaposition of the impact of the chorus and the smooth riding tone of the songwriting is a haze of emotion and disparity.

The track mainly takes influence from the alternative rock world but mergs its influences with a modern literary approach, the lyrical and vocal builds give a driving force during especially in the verse heard after the chorus. The groove in the bridge of the track is is the true highlight of the single, the rhythm section flow so smoothly together and with a soaring guitar line to complement it, it shows that Estate are a band with all the ingredients to craft some fantastic songwriting.

Overall this is a excellent debut single from the band, although it does not push too many boundaries, the track is exciting and showcases a library of talent that hopefully in later singles will expand. If Estate continue with their poetic lyrics, emo lead guitars and a rhythm section that is a solid backbone, this band will captivating audiences wherever they go.

Review by Rob Kent

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