Reviewed – Colloseums – Divided

Release Date – 31st January 2020

Rating – 4/5

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After putting out their debut single “Done” back in July new music seemed to be nonexistent from the Birmingham outfit. But six months later the band is back with their sophomore track, “Divided”. A post-hardcore influenced track decorated in groove, building guitars and a vocal performance that contains endless variety. “Divided” is a strong return for the band and if they can follow this track up with similar work or a full length, Colosseums will be growing at a pace, that doesn’t divide fans and genres, but unties them.

Kicking the door open immediately the single starts with an explosion of guitars and a thumping rhythm section before entering a verse that vocalist Billy Douglas dominates with his powerful and heartfelt vocals. With a catchy and textured filled chorus “Divided” has the potential to captivate a live crowd and fill a live setting with endless energy. The clean to screamed vocals transition so smoothly and are complimented by excellent guitar work from Charlie Elliot, showing the talent that lies in their songwriting and musical ability.

Then the heavier side of the band then comes to light. With D’jent inspired guitar licks over ghost inspired progressive drumming from Sam Hemus the impactful change of pace is everything the song needs to grow and once again draw the listener’s attention. Billy Douglas again, dominates with his screams adding more emotion to the metal core inspired middle eight section, once again proving the band can perform and combine a series of contrasting abilities to result in a captivating piece of art.

Overall Colosseums have returned with a track that has stapled them in the ranks of the most exciting current British bands, with a sound that is creative and is not pigeonholed into any specific genres, the Birmingham band have shown their true broad mindset of influences. Colosseums on course to draw fans from across the board and if they continue to captive at live shows and provide a listening experience that is diverse as “Divided”, the band is sure to take 2020 by storm and be at the forefront of a whole new wave of Post-Hardcore.

Review by Rob kent

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