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Hailing from Barcalona Spain, Noelle Vanyi is bringing a whole fresh new outlook to modern music. Combing modern pop and rock elements with meaningfull lyrics Neolle is an exciting new artist with endless potential. Noelle is a passionate songwriter with strong work ethic and she is determined to perform her music for the masses. 

Describe your sound and ethic as an artist?

If I were to answer this question a year ago, I would have said that my sound is constantly under construction, but now I feel that I’ve finally cracked it and discovered who I am as an artist. My music fits into the pop category branching into electro pop and experimental pop, with a few R&B touches. My sound ranges all the way from mellow minimalistic sounds to explosive multi-layered melodies, always compiling my favourite features which are the use of harmonised voices, echoes, whispers and high notes. Vocals are the key in all of my compositions, as I really want the listener to pay attention to the lyrical content, all by inviting him to decipher the deeper meaning in every song. It is not only about telling my story, but it is about making others feel understood, at ease and in a judgmental-free zone whenever they choose to listen to my songs. Acknowledging that it is an artist’ duty to keep evolving and maturing, I got to a stage now where I feel ready to release my very first piece of work that I created a year ago, as I have been working on a different project for the last few months that shows a different side of my personality.

Who do you take influence from and why?

Beyoncé, Céline Dion, Christina Aguilera, Dolly Parton and Cyndi Lauper are five women whose vocals I absolutely admire. I have grown up listening to music from the 70s & 80s, and as my parents were huge fans of The Police, Rick Astley, and Bryan Adams I soon became a fan too. Despite my young age, I enjoy listening to these artists and appreciate how the pop and rock genres have evolved. All of these great artists have inspired me by triggering my curiosity, pushing me to create a custom-made sound that reflects who I am as not only as an artist, but as a person too.

I see my music as a way to express myself, however I want to embrace all of my imperfections and as a way to cope with my everyday struggles. Like Beyoncé or Christina, I not only want to provide comfort in my songs for all of those that feel misunderstood, but I want them to feel empowered and strong. Make them feel something so strong that it makes them feel as close to me as possible in an intimate way.

I also want to talk about my ambitious father, as, despite his horrible musician skills, he has been a major influence in my life. When he was in his 20s, he decided to create a band called Impulsion and because of his hard work, he got to release a full album with the help of my mother, who composed and played in the majority of the pieces. His eagerness and hard-work have influenced my lifestyle. I am always pushing myself to the limit and making time for what I enjoy doing the most: music.

How important do you feel lyrical content is in music these days?

Lyrical content may or may not be important nowadays, because words don’t mean anything if there is no message to be delivered. I genuinely think that the key to be a fulfilled artist is to sing about whatever you want to sing, and to pour your heart out in each and every song you write.
Yes, the right choice of words is crucial in order to have a determinate flow in a song, but lyrics lacking of personality often tend to be less moving and therefore might not make the listener “click” with the artist as much. Jessie Reyez, for example, is an ideal example, as all of her songs are not only written by her, but they deliver clear messages and send shivers down the spine of everyone that listens. She writes about her own personal experiences and feelings, and that is something I intend to do with my music too.

Where does your lyrical content come from, do you view your music as an outlet for creative expression?

Properly written lyrics are the ones that are able to heal, the ones that are able to put you in a specific mood, the ones that allow you to bring out all the hidden emotions that lie within you. In my upcoming album, I am going to be talking about all the different issues that I have been facing growing up. I will rip off my people-pleaser mask and show the purest version of myself. I want to be able to serve as a role model for people that are going through everything I went through, showing them that there is a way out of everything. Our minds are VERY powerful, and sometimes we just need a little push. If I can, I want to be that push to those who listen to my songs. Honestly, I want to tell the world that it is okay to embrace our worst experiences, and that beauty can be found in darkness. Acknowledging our state of mind and momentarily losing our sanity can lead to the creation of veritable works of art, so why not? The dark times we go through make the bright ones even brighter, and that is what I want to prove the world with my music.

How do you write and create your music, do you follow a formula as such?

I usually carry around a blue notebook where I write all the ideas that cross my mind, as well as words that I like or emotions I am feeling at the moment. The recording tool on my phone is also useful when I do not have my notebook around, as sometimes I get inspired by walking around or by riding my motorcycle. For the melodies, they usually come along when I am writing a song. GarageBand is also an ally. I have been able to record my vocals and experiment with them by creating random songs and harmonies. I have to emphasise the “record my vocals” part as it was LITERALLY the only thing I knew how to do on GarageBand when I first started using it. Shout-out to the Virtuoso App as well, I enjoy playing around with the tiles of the virtual piano and sometimes end up making cool sounds!

Another fun fact about my songwriting process is that while I am writing down the lyrics of a song, I hear all of the sounds that I would like to add to it and how I want the vocals to sound like. Sometimes it is frustrating as I consider that I do not have enough knowledge to produce a record only by myself yet; so, I am stuck with all of these ideas in my head struggling to find the perfect way to bring them to life. Thankfully, I am surrounded by incredibly talented people that guide me and support me every day in order to achieve my goals; I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you while working on a song?

A funny thing that happened to me while I was working on a song was actually at my apartment in Barcelona. I was practicing an opera lead for a class and got inspired, so I started doing all these crazy sounds with my voice. Some of them sounded really nice but others just did not. So, I started playing the piano and singing some non-sense lyrics to the sounds that I had just discovered. All of a sudden, when I stopped, I heard clapping and wowing. Turns out my windows were wide open and there was a party upstairs. All of my neighbours had heard me. The guests from the party upstairs begged for me to pop out the window so they could see who I was and then they started talking to me about music. It appears that my upstairs neighbour is a DJ and loves to make music too, so now we are in touch and looking forward to working together!

Your debut single will be released next month on the 7th February, can you tell us more about the track?

On February 7th I will be releasing My Downfall which is the very first song that I wrote. It is a special song to me as it has lead me the way to a road of self-discovery that I have been on for a year now.
Even if I have been singing ever since I had a voice, writing a song that actually made sense in English – as it is not my first language – was a challenge for me. Of course, as many of you, I too wrote love poems to my crushes in middle-school, had a diary, and wrote broken-heart letters begging for my ex to take me back. However, it was not until last September when I decided to explore the universe of songwriting. My Downfall tells the cliché love story of a girl that keeps on falling for the same guy over and over again even if she knows how he will end up breaking her heart. Please, do not judge. I had to make up now for all the times that I had my heart broken back in the day, right?

Why was this song in particular, do you feel, the best to introduce yourself to the world as an artist?

My Downfall has been the trigger of all of my other compositions. Starting from that baseline, I knew that I had to keep improving in order to find my signature sound. My Downfall is a little tease for the world to get familiarised with the sound of my voice and it is a huge deal for me as I have been thinking about releasing it for a long time but never really had the courage to do so as I feared that the track may not be “good enough”. Most likely, this song is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. Nothing is. However, I want to attract people’s attention by making them want to know more about the whole me. Whenever people listen to this song, I want to see a smirk on their faces. I want them to think about their past, their crazy teenage years where all the love stories seemed to go hand in hand with a happily ever after. Now that I have a solid project, My Downfall may not adhere to the music style of my upcoming album. Yet, it is still a part of me and has made the creation of the rest of my songs possible. I personally think that it is important to learn and analyse every composition. As, once it is done, you realise what you like and what you do not, what you can improve, and highlight what is absolutely magical about it. One never has to forget how he started, and for me, My Downfall is the start of a dream come true and I think it is the perfect way to introduce myself to the world as an artist.

What are your plans for 2020, can we expect an EP and plenty of shows?

In 2020 I want to finish recording my upcoming album by mid-March, so I can possibly release it soon after. I will be presenting my debut single in venues around Barcelona which I am really excited about! may also potentially perform as a guest artist in the songwriting contest I won last year called MusicAula over the summer. In the meantime, I will continue my writing and improving my compositions. I also am planning on moving to London in September in order to break new ground, meet new people and experience the industry in London. Many other things are still cooking so I rather not say anything for the moment just in case…!

What do you feel is the most important way to establish yourself these days and get recognition? Is it from a D.I.Y ethic playing shows, your image, the music itself or having a team behind you?

I think it is a must for an artist to be perseverant and to set specific, attainable and realistic goals to always know what they are working on and stay focused. My image compliments my music. I want my music to be so deep, that it is the only thing you pay attention too; not to the fact that I am singing on my undies or wearing a £1000 dress. Working alone is always easier as I know what I want and I fully understand myself. However, by working with others on your personal projects you get advice, guidance and new ideas. Sometimes, to see clearly, you just have to change the angle of the gaze.

It is also important to be accessible and make everyone feel close to you; and what better way to do that than through social media!

As a new artist, what will your approach be as you progress forward, how you wish to be viewed and valued by fans and listeners?

I really hope my music can help and empower other people who can connect with the issues I will be talking about in my upcoming EP. I know first hand that it is possible to overcome difficulties and I through honesty in my lyrics, I hope to be able to help other people realise that too.
I hope people can listen to my music and feel like they can approach me and view me almost as a friend who understands and can share experiences with. I am really excited about my live shows for this very reason!

The industry generally views many other aspects, other than the music itself as selling points these days, what is your main issue with the industry in the modern age?

My main issue with the industry is possibly the fact that nowadays the focus is not put on the talent, but on how extravagant or different the artist can be. It is saddening to know that some of the most famous artist in the world need auto-tune or lip-sync in live shows as they are not vocally capable of performing their own songs.

My other issue with the industry is that often we are shown an idyllic image of the artist and its often difficult not to compare your life to theirs and feel bad or jealous, but in reality what we see on social media only shows the best of people and its not realistic. I really hope people will resonate with my more honest and ‘naked’ approach and maybe I can have a positive impact on them, I would really love that!

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