Reviewed – Take Breath – If We See Tomorrow

Release Date – 25th January 2020

Rating – 5/5


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There is very little information about Take Breath to get stuck in to on the internet. Their social media pages have contained only a series of photos teasing the release of their debut single, “If I See Tomorrow”. Upon listening to this single however, it is very clear that they have been working incredibly hard in the shadows for a long time. This band means business.

The Shrewsbury four-piece’s debut opens with a soft vocal section accompanied by an ambient guitar counter-melody. The vocals pack emotion and intimacy, with a delivery reminiscent of Sam Carter of Architects. It appears that Architects as a whole may have had significant influence on Take Breath, as this opening gives way to an epic wall of melodic hardcore noise. A soaring siren-like lead guitar sits over a pounding rhythm section, and the result is a sound that could easily fill an arena.

The verse introduces a conversation between sung and screamed vocals, both of which are brilliantly executed, before the wall of sound hits again in the chorus. “I don’t care if we see tomorrow,” is sung and screamed simultaneously, and the sheer power of the chorus is ridiculous. It’s easy to get swallowed up by the final minute of the song when backing vocals are introduced, as it hits harder than the hardest of Brexits.

Every aspect of this single has clearly been thought through extremely carefully. Everything from the guitar tones to the intricate drum patterns fit the mood perfectly. The variation of textures and ambience created show a huge level of focus and artistic maturity. The production is slick, with the sung and screamed vocals work excellently both blended together and contrasted against one another. “If We See Tomorrow” is heavy, emotional, and ambitious, and if it is a sign of things to come from Take Breath, then the world needs to take notice.

Review by Will Cooper

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