Real Talk: Splintered

Splintered are no strangers to the UK hardcore scene, after a string of hard hitting and successfull releases the band have been relentless performing up and down the UK and even played shows in europe with the likes of Vein and Twitching Toungs. The band are Second City Hardcore veterans, Guitarist Jack Beale-Burchell spoke to faultline about his fondest memories with the band, what insprires the bands sound and what it takes to stand out from the crowd as a Hardcore band in 2020.

What do you feel is needed to make a hardcore band stand out in the current scene?

If you want to stand out in the current scene you need to put out good music, everyone seems to want to jump on a trend these days to catch some of the hype of bigger bands. Personally, I listen to bands that spark my interest sonically, a really good example is Never Ending Game. Their music is tough and well written, their music has everything needed to grab people’s attention.

Describe your sound and ethic as a band

Splintered has changed a lot over the time we’ve been a band, the first EP was what came out of my brain when trying to fuse certain bands together. Death Is Progress was a lot darker and heavier, to me it sounds a lot like machinery (if that makes any sense at all). It has got a whole theme of nuclear annihilation and the end of the world. We’ve got new shit coming real soon, the best way I can describe that is if Mortal Kombat characters and Twitching Tongues formed a space metal band.

Do you feel constant work needs to be done to maintain status in the modern hardcore scene?

If you want to stay relevant in hardcore and right at the front, work hard and be humble. Nothing is given, everything should be earned off the merit of your work and what you put out musically.

What you think is needed to keep a band alive and relevant?

Take the band Cauldron for example, good friends of mine, they have worked relentlessly and put out consistently good music and now look where they are. That’s all done off their own backs and they’re the blueprint for what every band should aspire to be like.

You guys have always had a slight thrash crossover sound, who are your main influences?

For me personally, all the material I write for Splintered doesn’t come from any influences, it’s just putting riffs together to get a nasty heavy sludgy sound. I think it’s got a metallic edge cause of some of the bands I listen to (Lamb Of God etc.), people always point towards the thrashier riffs when trying to define what we do, I think that just comes from keeping energy up in sections of songs, not necessarily from specific bands.

You have played on some huge shows over the years, what stands out as the fondest memories from shows?

Back in 2017, we played on a couple of the shows that Bent Life was headlining on their UK run. I’ve always liked that band and to get to see them a couple of times was great. Return to Strength fest was a highlight for us too, we did a secret split set with Balance (who we were out in Europe with). Getting to play with Vein and Twitching Tongues was also amazing. My all-time fondest memory of a show was our first ever show. We played in some dudes kitchen with Curbstomp, Stranded and Revolve, it was hilarious.

Interview by Rob Kent

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