Reviwed – Suffer – Slither

Rating – 4/5

Release Date – 11th January 2020


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Typically beatdown these days is dated and the common attitude towards writing new music for the genre seems to lean towards people playing guitar with no creative vision, a narrow vocal performance, and a predictable rhythm section. However, Suffer’s new single, Slither, provides everything but the common flaws that most bands now contain. Slither is a fresh outlook on the genre, blending Deathcore, Slam, and Beatdown all in one package, the track is an excellent and forward-thinking approach. This song is as violent as it is intelligent, Suffer has proved that with some true talent a void can found and filled very easily, this track is everything that Beatdown in 2020 should be.

Slither begins with a melodic breakdown and the scene is set immediately for the rest of the track, the pace and movement of the song are incredibly progressive and the guitar playing is fantastic. The section changes are also so smooth and tasteful as the track transitions very nicely from slower guitar building sections in a deathcore lead metallic build into the final collision of the track. The songwriting sounds so natural for this Wolverhampton band, they know exactly how to craft their art and the next release from Suffer will be nothing short of a perfect slam inspired mosh anthem.

The vocal performance from Michael Crutchley is bold and dynamic, showcasing his true ability in this track, the vocals compliment the soaring and murderous guitars perfectly. Although saying “Fuck You” between sections is very Lazy and shows a bland approach to filling a space in a track, the lyrical content is creative and delivered with passion. The rhythm section is also tight, energetic and thunderous from Drummer Jack Kent and Bass player Jack Cooper with the pair working together to create the perfect backdrop for the track.

Slither is just the start of what Suffer has to offer, the band has all the potential to be at the forefront of British Beatdown and even merge with the hardcore scene. If they continue to develop the sound they have achieved in this single, this band will be filling venues all over the UK.

Review by Rob Kent

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