Real Talk: Bran Mazz

After moving to London from Birmingham to develop and push his blend of soul and electronic music, Bran Mazz has seen nothing but excitement invested in him. After taking his live show up and down the country the singer songwriter is now working on a new project and shows no sings of slowing down in doing what he loves, Bran spoke to Faultline recently to explain more.

Describe your sound and who you take influence from?

My sound has moved more towards Soultronic (Soulful electronic). I took a lot of influence from MJ, Prince & Stevie Wonder growing up due to my Dad always having them on repeat. I later discovered modern artists and producers with an electronic yet organic sound such as Kaytranda & Mura Masa which heavily affected my production & sound.

What is the biggest problem you have had to overcome to far whilst being involved in the music industry?

Everyone has an opinion on everything you do, but you have to follow whats right for you and take forward your own vision.

What do you enjoy and hate the most about being a musician?

I love not being normal so not having a ‘normal’ job is special. I’m blessed & humbled to be a full-time musician as its not easy. I sometimes hate traveling but it’s all good fun, I can’t complain.

If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be?

I’d change the fact that physical copy sales go back to where they were, rewind to about 20 years ago.

Why did you choose to move to London to base your music, what was it about the scene there that drew you to the city?

Being in London there is always something happening whether that is Jam events or gigs, I find it so inspiring to be here surrounded by so many creative industries & people from all over the world. I also love Birmingham, its where I grew up & there are loads of amazing musicians & communities that come from Birmingham also.

What are your plans for 2020, can we expect an EP or a full-length record?

Well, I have been working hard on a project that’s been bubbling away for the past year & I’m super excited about releasing it. It’s called ‘Wear’ and It’s my best work yet.

Do you feel live performance is more important than ever with platforms like Spotify making listening more accessible than ever, what does it take to stand out in the modern age?

Live performance is a massive part for me as a musician. It’s where you communicate your art to the audience giving them a deeper understanding of your sound and personality. You just have to be yourself as-well-as persistent and consistent to break through the noise.

What is your approach to writing and creating?

I’ve got loads of different ways to create! Starting with a Keyboard & voice or most commonly starting with a beat then building from there!

Finally, what are you most proud of to date, what motivates you to keep going and making music?

The biggest achievement so far is probably supporting KT Tunstall at the Albert Hall in Manchester. It was my first proper ‘tour’ and it was such a great experience! I’m motivated to learn more all the time. I’m forever a student to music.

Interview by Rob Kent

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