Reviewed – Alkanes – Death or Glory.

Rating – 3/5

Release Date – 27th December 2019


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Death or Glory is the latest offering from North Scotland duo, Alkanes. Following on from their single Sixes & Sevens released earlier in 2019, the contrast of Death or Glory shows the band certainly don’t lack creativity or ambition.

As a Scottish alternative rock band, there are inevitably going to be comparisons to Biffy Clyro, and whilst slight influences of the Scottish giants can be heard, particularly in the chorus, they are subtle, and by no means define Alkanes’ sound.

Starting with a galloping drum beat, a guitar riff is quickly introduced that forms the basis of the track. Simplistic and heavy, after a couple of listens this riff will be stuck in your head for hours. In the verses, the vocals are semi-sung, semi-wailed, creating a pained and vulnerable sound, fitting for the song’s subject of the breakdown of a relationship. The pre-chorus cry of “do you feel alone?” sounds like it was written with audience participation in mind, and along with the bouncing main riff, give this song huge live potential.

At almost 4 minutes 30 in length, it could be argued that Death or Glory is a touch too long to hold the attention of potential listeners, and the cliché lyrics and subject matter may not be enough for someone looking for serious emotional depth in their music. That said, the accompanying video shows the band don’t take themselves too seriously, a refreshing trait to see. Overall, this is a solid effort from a band still finding their feet, and if there are more riffs where this one came from, we could be hearing plenty more of Alkanes in the future.

Review by Will Cooper

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