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Quebec City in Canada has never particualrly been a key a player in the Hardcore genre. However times have changed and in 2020 the scene is alive in the city and leading the pack is Boundaires, an energetic, talented young band and a key player in the modern Canadian harcore scene. They recently spoke to Faultline on their repuation in Quebec and how they have their sights set on the UK and Europe. 2020 promises huge things for this band and with new music on the horzion, Boundaires are a band not to be slept on.

You guys are holding the flag for Hardcore and heavy music in Quebec in the modern age, how does this feel?

It feels great. We love our home, we love Quebec and we’re proud to be able to go out there and represent where we’re from. Hopefully, it will inspire other bands from our area to work hard and do the same, because there’s a lot of talent out here that people should know about.

How was the scene in Quebec growing up and when you guys were coming through? 

Growing up, the scene was wild! We had this all-ages venue in Quebec City called L’Anti and shows there were always crazy. We were all around 13-14 when we started going to shows, so it was crucial for us having this venue around. We had pretty much every major tour coming through and even shows with only locals bands were drawing up to 500 kids.

Then, L’Anti closed down, so it became quiet for a number of years. Fortunately for us, it opened back up around the time Boundaries was forming and playing there helped to build our following. These days, I’d say that the Quebec City scene is as strong as it’s ever been, maybe a bit smaller, but strong.

Quebec has never really been a place on the map for Hardcore, was it difficult to grow a band in the area or did the modern scene really develop at the right time for you guys?

It was not really hard to grow here, I’d say that the difficult thing is to get out. Like you said, Quebec has never really been a place on the map for Hardcore, so we feel like we have to work extra hard to make people pay attention.

Why has Europe and the UK always been so appealing over America for you guys, do you feel the scene there has always been the goal to succeed in?

I guess it just happened naturally. We had the opportunity to come to Europe and the UK first and now we just want to come back more and more. The scene there is amazing and we want to be a part of it.

Do you feel Hardcore is bigger than ever these days? Why do you think the genre has seen such success in the past six years or so compared to years before?

Yeah, Hardcore is definitely in a good spot right now. Thanks to the internet, the gatekeepers are gone and I feel like kids can finally decide what they want to listen to on their own. When I see bands like Knocked Loose busting through every glass ceiling, I feel like anything is possible now.

What are your plans for 2020, can we expect new music and further touring of Canada into new territory?

Writing, then touring Europe, then more touring, but nothing that we can announce yet and we should be back in the studio before the end of this year.

If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be?

That people would stop viewing music as something that should be free. Support the bands you like, it is what keeps us going.

What is the future of independent music do you feel, is the major market taking over again or will D.I.Y ethics remain as strong as they are now?

It is easier than ever now to do everything yourself, so I’d say that D.I.Y is the way to go. At least for us, we’re a very self-sufficient kind of band and we intend to keep it that way for as long as possible. If you want something, make it happen. 

What were your main influences when starting the band and growing up and discovering heavy music, who really made impressions on you all those years ago?

We’re all influenced by a bunch of different stuff, but as far as Hardcore goes we’re unanimously influenced by bands like Guns up!, Down to Nothing, Comeback Kid and No Warning. We got to see those bands live growing up and they’re still some of our favourite bands to this day.

Finally, your tour with Desolated in April is a huge chance to put Canadian hardcore on the map and to establish yourselves across the pond, how are you feeling about the upcoming tour?

We’re very excited. We’re playing some new cities and going back to a bunch of places that we love, which is sick. We’re also very happy to be coming back with a new record. We’re definitely pumped and we’ll try to get the most out of every single show. See you there!

Interview by Rob Kent

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