REVIEWED: Dresden – Spitting Teeth

Rating: 4/5

Release date: 15th October 2019



“No Guitars allowed” is a sentence that usually isn’t good news, to see that on a sign there is a good chance I will be walking away. However Southampton based Dresden make this advertisement more appealing than ever.

Latest single “Spitting Teeth”is an aggressive and explosive taste in the huge potential this band have. The creeping, daunting intro is just what a metal core track should have these days, inviting us to a true nineties doom atmosphere that is then transitioned in to a punk explosion, diving straight in to a two step, bouncy verse that flows so naturally well.

The vocals on this are electric, they pierce through over the guitar so well, adding a raw energy that is the perfect complement to the driving drums. The chorus has such a fantastic aggression, and the track then moves very tastefully in to faster pace, creating an exciting change in the track. The track ends with a beat down section that will absolutely cause an audience to be spitting their own teeth on the floor of venues when this is performed in a live setting.Dresden are craving their way to success and show huge promise on this track, their live show will no doubt be a success and cause chaos wherever they play, with “Spitting Teeth” they have gave a great introduction for what is to come for this band.

Article by: Rob Kent

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