Real Talk: Cruelty

Are you like us? Do you love some heavy shit? Then look no further than Cruelty. The boys dropped an annihilator of an EP this year and don’t look to be slowing down. Check out the chat they had with Rob, below!

Your latest EP “In the grasp of machines” has been out for a while and seen a hugely positive response, how was the writing process different to this different from your past releases?

The writing process was (as always) over the place. A lot of last minute changes up until the second we hit record on the studio mics.

The record even got stocked in Japan, how did that come about?

I think TCS sends stuff over to a store over there (I forget the name of it now) and they always show UK bands love so it’s cool to see small bands reaching all that way.

How was your first time in Europe this summer? Are there any plans to go back over for more shows?

Very hot, very tiring, and too much paprika. We went out with our mates in Realm Of Torment. The shows were cool but I’d advise against staying at crust squats in 40 degree heat. We will be back for sure next year!

I hear a huge metallic hardcore influence in your sound, who do you take influence from and how did it come about when creating your own blend of sounds to call your own?

A mix match of a load of different 00’s Metalcore bands like botch, the red chord, converge, to name a few. We never really wanted to sound like a worship band so we kinda just played stuff our own way and exchanged ideas in the song writing process.

In the current age, what do you think is the best way for a band to stay recognised and grow compared to past years, how did you approach the growth of the band in its early stages?

To be honest I couldn’t tell you the best way to be those things as we are in our early stages… However I do think you should just be yourself, and don’t be a sellout.

Finally, what are the bands future plans, what is on the horizon for cruelty?

Hopefully an LP sometime next year.

Article by: Rob Kent

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