Real Talk: Benji Wild (Ex-Astroid Boys)

Rising to infamy with the fiery ‘Astroid Boys’, Benji Wild has carved himself quite the career! He now embarks on an exciting solo career which promises many things! Have a read down below to find out more about what he’s up to!

With you now focusing on your solo career, how is it different working as solo artist?

It gets lonely in some respects. I’m used to having people around me at all times and in the last year I’ve had to find peace with myself. I still have people around me and I have a gang of other artists that I make music with but I definitely miss having the whole gang on stage going nuts. 

Do you miss the input from a band or is having your own personal creative freedom nice compared to past song writing?

I needed this solo project for myself. It was imperative that I produced a record that was true to me and gave me an outlet for certain feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas that have been guiding my life for recent years. It’s a different approach when writing with a band because you are reflecting the energy of each member in each element of the music which is a whole different way of expressing and writing. 

Describe your sound you have developed since going solo. Is there some hardcore based influence or is it mainly focused on the electronic side? 

The sound of my new music is still varied. With AB we never stuck to a genre and I’ve done the same here. I would say it’s a laid back hip hop album but with some heavy guitar based stuff and some energetic grime, garage & even Drum and bass thrown in. It’s a collection of all sounds that I fuck with. 

What are the plans surrounding your solo debut record?

I’m currently in the process of packaging the record so I’m waiting on my boy VZNXN to deliver the final mix’s so they can go to master. The artwork is being done by my artist friend @snowskull and the first draft looks awesome. Other than finalising the record I’m in conversation with a company that have shown interest in releasing the album on all digital platforms and I’m hoping to get support with physical distribution too.  I have an album listening party on January 23rd in ‘Hillstreet Blues’, Amsterdam. By this point I’m hoping to have a release date and a pre order link available. 

With you being involved in the scene, in such a variety of genres for a while now, what changes have you noticed over time?

I notice endless changes but it’s the similarities that matter. The fundamental rules and guidelines that seem to be set in stone when it comes to being successful in this lane. 

Work hard and satisfy yourself first.

What is your main problem with the music industry?

These days it seems very fickle. Consumerist demands have left the music industry in a volatile state. A reference from a track on my album from Pengshui frontman ‘Illaman’ really gives a good summery.

He says “all they want is content, 2 minute songs, nothing longer. what happened to the art form and not adhering to no rules?”

I feel that deeply. There is always somebody telling you that if you don’t change this or that then you won’t be on the radio or you won’t get love from this demographic etc. Who cares? I’m making music for me. Buy it, or don’t! I’m not going to make music that I don’t like just because you will buy it. That’s work!

Had you hoped to have such an impact on the UK scene as you did with Astroid Boys, and in retrospect do you feel you did?

No not at all. Astroid Boys was and still is a mega band. I hope that the album is received well and I hope it pays my bills until the next stage but Once it’s released that’s it!ive achieved my goal. Exploiting the music for cash afterwards is just common sense to anybody that understands our society but it isn’t why I make my music.

I make to create. 

Article by: Rob Kent

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