Real Talk: Vision Quest

Plymouth based hardcore band ‘Vision Quest’ have had a great year and they don’t look like stopping anytime soon! With a limited vinyl run on the go, check them and this chat out.

How did the band form and what was the common vision you all shared?

The original idea was to make a heavy hardcore band, but when we started writing the songs we were listening to a lot of Down To Nothing, Righteous Jams and Snapcase and I think that shows in the demo. After we put out the demo and played a few shows, our original vocalist Jake didn’t have enough free time to put in the band so we asked Saskia to join. And that’s the version of the band everyone knows.

Who are your biggest influences? What sound do strive for and look up to?

I guess we all have different influences, but I think there’s a common ground in Youth Crew and early New York hardcore sounds. I wouldn’t wanna say we’re tryin’ to sound like anyone else. Just tryin’ to do our thing and I guess you can notice the similarities to revelation bands if yer into that too.

This year has seen you guys play shows relentlessly on some great bills, what has been the 2019 highlight so far and why?

Again, i would guess it’s been different for the members of the band, but for me it was supporting Shelter and I’m sure that playing with Backtrack and Higher Power was a highlight for Sas and Connor. The show that stands out in my mind as the most fun was a practice room show.

Article by: Rob Kent

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