Real Talk: Watch Me Die

London based straight edge hardcore outfit ‘Watch Me Die’ had a chat with us about topics such as the importance of a good live show, the importance of lyrical content and what makes them the band that they are.

How did your band form and come together?

We all had wanted to start a band for a while (specifically a straight edge band) and when we found out Kurt already had some demos written we just went from there

Describe your sound and biggest influences

Our biggest influences instrumentally wise would be bands like Underoath, Eighteen Visions & Antagonist AD

Describe your writing process… 

Basically kurt demos all song ideas by himself at home and then the rest of us all chime in with changes and our own ideas until we get a finished product we are all happy with

You have been playing on some great line ups this year, is a live performance more important than ever to stand out from the crowd do you think?

We feel a live performance is as important, if not more important, than music on record. One performance can make or break the public’s interest in you as a whole and really make a statement going forward as a band

How important is lyrical content these days do you feel? With the world seeing so much change, is lyrical content still a powerful expression or do you feeling the substance of lyrics has died down in recent years?

Personally when it comes to listening to music the lyrics aren’t the first thing that resonates with me it’s the music itself, however when it comes to writing, lyrics are really important to me.Since starting the band I’ve made a point of writing lyrics that mean something to me and to try convey an image to the listener, this hasn’t always been the easiest as this is my first band and first time writing lyrics.I feel like ongoing sociopolitical matters are something that can’t be ignored when it comes to writing lyrics especially within this genre, yet so far I haven’t gone down that road with lyrical content and my writing has purely been used as an outlet for personal expression

Finally what are the bands future plans…Is there anything on the horizon in terms of shows and releases?

We have lots of shows planned for 2020 already, our plan is to play anywhere and everywhere we can. We have a new single coming out for a NZHC compilation before the end of the year which will get everyone ready for the full length record we will be releasing in 2020

Article by: Rob Kent

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