Real Talk: Conor O’Rourke

From his days in metalcore outfit ‘Odessa’, Conor has reinvented his sound to suit a whole new scene. Continue reading to hear some of his experiences since the change and what the near future holds.

Describe your sound and influences?

It can vary for sure, some of my solo music can be very ambient, quaint and wistful, whereas the full band stuff can have a slightly poppier angle in places. The main artists I draw influence from are probably John Martin, City and colour and John Mayer.

What are your thoughts on the current industry and scene for your genre of music?

It’s an interesting time because with social media you’re given all the tools to promote yourself and interact with people yourself, without relying on labels and management. It just takes a bit more intuition I guess.

What are your future plans for your music? Do you intend to produce more raw material or take a full band setting further?

I’m finishing the year off with a 10 date UK tour in early December and I’m actually going to be releasing an acoustic EP in the next few months and hoping to get into the studio later next year with more full band material.

After performing all over Europe and the UK, what venues and shows stand out as true career highlights so far?

Europe has always been very kind to me, I played in a castle in Italy which was killer, the stand out would probably be avoid gallery in Prague, it was on an open top boat and half way through the set I hear a few cheers from behind, turned around and people had bee kayaking and stopped to listen to my music which was quite surreal.

Does your lyrical content lean towards more personal expression? Or do you keep towards standard song writing. How do you use music as an outlet?

Definitely so, a lot of my music comes from my personal feelings or experiences, usually highlighting my insecurities and inadequacies. Certain things I’m not so open about in person but feel comfortable writing about so it must help relieve some emotional toll.

Do you still get performance anxiety? Is that something that always lingers?

Always, it’s not as bad these days but I’m always nervous before a show. I think it’s a good thing though, means I care about the performance. I just try to warm up slightly and reassure myself.

Finally, what drew you to producing singer songwriting acoustic music after your years spent playing in metalcore band Odessa?

I had always wanted to but got in a rut covering songs and found it very hard to bite the bullet and actually commit to doing it. The metal core scene was great to us and am forever thankful for every opportunity the band gave me, but it has been nice delving into new grounds and getting to terms with a whole new scene.

Interview by: Rob Kent

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