REVIEWED: The Pines – Feel Alive

Release Date: 29th October 2019



Birmingham’s “The Pines” are back with a follow up to their recent EP with their latest single, “Feel Alive”. A reverb drench track that brings elements of brit pop, dream pop and some great nineties emo guitar lines. The band have provided us with a track that is as uplifting as it is atmospheric with a tranquil mood that keeps the listener on their toes throughout the whole listen.

The track hits us immediately with a tension building intro that dives straight in to guitar lines that is so enjoyable to listen to. The vocals then land in to the track with a sound that would fit any brit pop band perfectly. The moody vocal performance contrasts so nicely over the guitars and complement each other perfectly. The anthem layered chorus on this track is textured perfectly with the vocal harmonies and soaring guitars. The hard hitting drums are everything that a modern chorus desires. The guitars on this track sound great also, paying homage to current music from bands such as Turnover and Mac Demarco whilst also giving a nod to Jets To Brazil from the nineties. The drums on this are persistent with groove. They are tremendously tasteful with fills and the beats are placed so nicely. The Bridge offers a nice change in lyrical outlook and is again, crafted so well with the drums building over the bouncy, velvety guitars.

The Pines have began so strong for a new young band, they show promise and have created some great anticipation for their next release, do not sleep on this track.

Review by: Rob Kent

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