Real Talk: Cauldron

Rob recently had a chat with Frazer from UK hardcore band, Cauldron. They spoke about recent releases, future releases, what the future holds for them and what makes them as they are. Enjoy!

The latest release “Shrine” was just two tracks in length and has seen the band really take off this year, with Hardcore really being re generated in the past few years, do you think substance over quantity is more important than ever to stand out?

The main reason, at the time of writing Shrine, to keep it as two songs was that we wanted to keep breaks between releases to a minimum. This is because we’d been in / witnessed bands take so long to follow up a release that all of what interest they had is gone by the time they put something new out. In hindsight, the main benefit of this ep being two songs was that they are both written to the best that we could’ve done. They weren’t rushed, we made drafts of them both and changed them until we felt like we were happy. Had we stressed to make more songs, the overall quality of the release could have been brought down and we’d probably hate the songs by now.

I hear influence from all eras of hardcore and metal core in your music, which bands do you primarily take influence from?

We’ve been told that we sound like Remembering Never, The Devil Wears Prada, Suicide Silence, the list goes on. Pretty much all of those are intentional, especially TDWP. Mike Hranica is practically my only influence vocally so I definitely try to mimic that shit a lot. It’s hard to define what influences how we write songs. We basically just try write mosh music and see what happens.

You made your European debut this year at Klokfest in Belgium, is there more plans to make more trips over to Europe next year?

We got some plans but nothing concrete yet. We obviously want to go back out there ASAP as Klokfest was a good time but we’re starting to wrap up the year now so big plans like that might have to wait. 

Are there any plans for a new release anytime soon?

Yeah, we’re recording over the whole of October and some of November. Doing a third EP that’s gonna be longer than both our previous ones. Expect it to be out December/January time.

How was the writing process for Shrine different to your past and current writing?

Lyrically, Shrine was much different to TSOEF. I tried to write personal lyrics on Scars that ended up being kinda boring and generic in my opinion. Shrine was almost completely non-personal. Both songs didn’t have many lyrics in that were “personal” to my actual life bar a few lines in The Azure Prison. Same goes pretty much for the new EP. Most of the lyrics are about short concepts that I’ve thought of when starting to write and just rolled with them. Like, the first song on the new EP is about a dude getting assassinated at a hotel social. I much prefer writing that way.

Interview and Article by: Rob Kent

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