Feeling Alive: FRND CRCL

It seems when it comes to New Jersey everything is very much all in the family. A very tight-knit circle if you may. When it comes to the music community the talent is endless and of course as we know that some of the greats have come out of NJ. One band on the rise is a... Continue Reading →

Hanging by a thread: Title Holder

Title holder just dropped a new track and it’s the perfect way to wrap up a year that seemed to keep our sanity hanging by a thread.  For those of you that don’t know, Title Holder is a project that frontman Matt Sullivan started and they’ve been releasing some super fresh ska since August of this... Continue Reading →

“Merry Christmas” and other atrocities.

Christmas songs. They’re always a little bit shit, then you get ones that are slightly less shit, and then there’s that mercifully small category of ‘listenable’ songs that get stuck on repeat every November until our festive excess gets the best of us and we’re sick on ourselves. Some just aren’t good, some are so... Continue Reading →

Winter Offerings: Feral Vices 

I was reading an article recently stating an opinion that music genres are basically meaningless these days. And while I’m sure a lot of individuals will beg to differ, it got me thinking about how we speak of the bands we love when we’re trying to describe their sound. Then it got me pondering more... Continue Reading →

Vans, Venues and Musical Ventures 

I’m sure we’ve all wondered what it’s like being on tour with one of our favorite bands. Is it a party every night? Are the band members just as cool as you thought they would be? Is sleep deprivation something you’ve never experienced?? In a short answer, absolutely. Last month I went on a run... Continue Reading →

Constant Reminder: Card Reader

It seems early November has been hitting us with all sorts of rad new releases. One, in particular, is the new single called “Reminder” from the band Card Reader and it is a track that has all the fall feels and vibes. If you aren’t familiar with this band let me give you a little... Continue Reading →

Playing Pretend: Few Faces

Pop Punk. A lot of people have their own opinions on who and what defines this genre. People want to protect and defend it and some even criticize bands and artists for not “staying true” to what they think the genre should be and sound like. However, shouldn’t we be praising and encouraging new bands... Continue Reading →

Animal Instincts: Title Holder

Today we take a journey into some new East Coast territory…New York. There we find a gentleman who seems to be a Jack of all musical trades. His name is Matt Sullivan and he is about to take us on a journey into the land of Ska. Grab your sax and let’s head to the... Continue Reading →

Comfort in Solitude: The Harbor

Solitude. There is no doubt that solitude can bring a lot of uncertainty. Finding comfort in it can also be a grizzly task. However, even with the lows, it can bring, it also never ceases to help with the creation of something great.We often are gifted with great music when bands and artists take some... Continue Reading →

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